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Physiotherapy During Pregnancy

How can physiotherapists help during pregnancy?

Visiting a physiotherapist while prenatal, pregnant, or postpartum can help both with the prevention and treatment of pain and pelvic issues caused by pregnancy as well as aid in recovery after childbirth.

Let's look at some proactive ways to keep your body strong and healthy during each stage of your pregnancy journey. 


How exciting, it’s time to start planning for your brand-new bundle of joy.

During pregnancy your pelvic floor muscles can become str

Growing Pains

Have you heard to phrase “don’t worry it’s only growing pains”? Is it a term you find yourself telling your kids just before bed time?

For anyone who has kids, you will probably know that they tend to complain just before bed time sets in and it’s usually a one off, so you don’t think twice about it. What about when they begin to complain a bit more frequently, and you find the pain they are feeling is more consistent and mostly in the same spot and the same ‘type’ of pain?

There is a strong possibility that your child is suffering from ‘growing pains’

Here come the big words…

Traction apophysitis or ‘growing pains’ occurs in adolescents, usually between the age of 7 and 15 years, but is most commonly experienced from 10-14 years. It presents as pain at the points where tendons attach to bones, causing traction on the bone. Th

How to Prepare for a Skiing/Snowboarding Trip

Winter is coming, and for a lot of people that also means that long-awaited ski trip is sneaking up. Whether you are a first-timer starting on the bunny hill, a black diamond veteran, or anywhere in between, it is vital that you go prepared. Yes – make sure you have all the right gear but more importantly, make sure your body is ready. Skiing or snowboarding is physically demanding, whatever your ability level, so to avoid injury and to get the most out of your days on the slopes it is really important to do some pre-trip training. Having a good baseline fitness will help, but like any sport, a sport-specific strength program is going to make all the difference.

Skiing and snowboarding are largely endurance sports with many runs going for several kilometres. So whether you are on skis or a board, it is important to have cardiovascular fitness, strong legs, core stability, and good balance and proprioception.

Which Muscles Groups?

Starting from the bottom - your calves are a big one! With snowboarding, in particular, you largely control yo

How to get started in paddling

How to get started in paddling

Perth is a great place for paddling, either on the river or the ocean. It is a great form of outdoor exercise especially for people whose walking or running is limited by hip, knee or ankle arthritis. It is suitable for all fitness levels, male and female, young and old, the health or competitive minded – an physical outdoor activity for the whole family.

One of our experienced Physios here at MTM Physiotherapy Glengarry, Andrew Hayden, is also the founder of  Perth Paddling and Physio Services. He is always on hand to answer any questions to guide you in the right direction before a purchase,  as well as help prepare the “novice body” for paddling. He can provide an “on water Craft Fit” to make sure you have the optimal set up for enjoyment and injury efficiency. Comfort and stability are crucial to your enjoyment, so seek some advice to get you on your way .

Paddling is outdoors and so once you have purchas

Physio Perth Northern Suburbs Vlog

Made to Move Physiotherapy is a multidisciplinary health care clinic located in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. Our team of health professionals includes Sports and manipulative physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, Physio Classes instructors and physiotherapists trained in women's health and continence and real time ultrasound.
We specialise in the management of a variety of physical conditions with specialities in, Sports Physiotherapy, Manipulative Physiotherapy, Women's Health and Continence Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Physio Classes, Real Time Ultrasound Imaging and Gym Rehabilitation.
Conveniently located near the main thoroughfares of Perths northern corridor, Made to Move Physiotherapy is central to all, including our surrounding suburbs: Marmion, Padbury, Hillarys, Warwick, Belridge, Karrinyup, Sorrento, Carine, Greenwood, Stirling and Kingsley.

Pilates Vlog


The Pilates Method is a form of exercise which was originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s. Originally called “Contrology” the basic principles of Pilates include; Precision, Control, Centering, Flow and Breathing. Pilates is now used in a variety of ways by health and fitness professionals due to the many benefits that it can offer which include:
• Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention Enhanced Body Awareness
• Improved Posture Reduction in Stress
• Increased Flexibility Improved Movement Patterns
• Increased Muscle Tone Improved Balance and Coordination
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