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Physiotherapy is a profession that best encapsulates its specialty as assisting movement disorders of all types.

Our sleep positions, working postures and exercise routines all have an impact on our bodies that can manifest itself as pain and discomfort.

The Physiotherapists at Made to Move Physiotherapy Glengarry will diagnose the cause of the problem and prescribe the fastest resolution via thorough assessment and treatment. Our Physiotherapists will take a dynamic approach to benefit all individuals, from the recreational sports person and non-exercising individual to the elite level athlete.

Physiotherapy treatments aim to facilitate ideal joint and muscle movement and can include:
•    Mobilisation and manipulation of joints
•    Soft tissue techniques
•    Taping of joints and injured tissues
•    Dry needling
•    Exercise techniques for the prevention and rehabilitation of injury
•    Education and advice on how to manage chronic pain
•    Advice on how to best manage exercise and recovery
•    Ergonomic assessment of your workplace

Our Physiotherapists can also assess postural, pelvic and spinal alignments.

Whether your problem is related to sports, work or lifestyle, the Physiotherapists at Made to Move are here to guide you to a full recovery.