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Sporting Injuries

Sporting Injuries

One moment you are playing your chosen sport and the next you are unable to compete at all. How well you recover from an injury starts from the moment it happens. The treatment and advice that you receive at that time of your injury will in many ways determine how long you have to recover for.

At MTM Physiotherapy Glengarry we have a team of Physiotherapists and Sports Physiotherapists who can make that journey as smooth as possible. With an enviable reputation for high quality sports injury care our Physiotherapists will assess and treat your injury to the highest standard.

Some basic principles to follow in the event of a sports injury are as follows:

Compress the injury to try and control and swelling

Ice the muscle or joint as often as you can to also control the swelling but also the pain. You can repeat the ice 3-4 times per day in that first few days or until told to stop by a Physiotherapist.

If possible elevate the area (Ankle, wrist etc.) to reduce swelling that is caused by gravity.

Try and maintain a small amount of movement in the area, this will facilitate normal tissue healing.

Seek the assistance of a Physiotherapist who can help to optimise your return to normal activity.

If you have any sports injuries that need attending to or for any unresolved joint or muscle pains, just call MTM Physiotherapy Glengarry on 9246 4066 and one of our team of expert Physiotherapists will be ready to help.

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