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We conduct several group exercise classes at MTM Physiotherapy Duncraig, including Clinical Pilates. These classes are run by physiotherapist, Sophie Naglan. The two types of group classes we offer are “Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Classes” and “Seniors Exercise Class”. We also offer private physiotherapy rehabilitation consults. As these classes and consults are run by a physiotherapist, private health fund rebates can apply.

Physiotherapy Clinical Pilates & Rehabilitation Class

These small group classes (maximum of 3 participants) are closely supervised by the physiotherapist and exercises are tailored and progressed for each individual.
The smaller rehabilitation class environment allows progressive strengthening to be guide and adapted by the Physiotherapist at each session.
The class will draw on many types of strengthening and mobility with clinical reformer equipment and Pilates-inspired strength at its core. These classes are suitable for all ages and injuries as they are an effective, safe and low-impact form of exercise. These small group classes include a focus on Clinical Pilates to improve core strength and muscle function for both active rehabiitation, but with a strong focus on overall optimal musculoskeletal functioning to prevent or minimise the chance of injuries in future.

Prior to attending a Clinical Pilates & Rehabiitation class, you are required to complete an Initial Rehabilitation Consult with the physiotherapist. This will allow a thorough assessment of your movement, any current or past injuries and to create some personalised goals.

Seniors Exercise Class

These circuit classes are designed for people over the age of 60. These classes focus on strength, balance and cardiovascular fitness utilising a range of equipment including Pilates Reformer equipment, fitballs, resistance bands, light weights and other gym equipment. These classes are closely supervised by the physiotherapist and have a great atmosphere to improve your mobility, fitness and well-being.

If you have injuries or medical issues you wish to discuss with the physiotherapist, please call to book a physiotherapy consult prior to attending this class.

Private Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Consult

We recommend private rehabilitation sessions if you require more attention or have a complex injury. We require you to complete an Initial Rehabilitation consult before beginning our small group rehabilitation classes. It is also recommended to complete 1-2 private consults to become familiar with the equipment and exercises before beginning small group classes.


Session Length Price (before health rebate)
Private Rehabilitation Consult 45 minutes $95
Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Class 45 minutes $60
Seniors Class 1 hour $18


Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Class 1.15pm
10.45am 5pm
Seniors Exercise Class 12pm 8.30am   8.30am