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  • Am I suitable for Physiotherapy?

    Yes of course you are. Our Physiotherapists at MTM Physiotherapy Duncraig see clients all across the lifespan each day. From young children whose parents may have concerns around their development to elderly people who just want to be able to move around their house and athletes young and old in between, we see it all.

  • What is Physiotherapy?

    Physiotherapists are experts in human structure and function. Specifically, the team at MTM Physiotherapy Duncraig are experienced in the care of sporting and musculoskeletal pain and injury. All of our Physiotherapists have undertaken some post graduate education and most have completed masters. We take great pride in our continuing education and we are committed to remain up to date with the current science.

  • How does Physiotherapy work?

    Our Physiotherapists conduct an interview with each patient, establishing their concerns and reasons for seeking assistance. Following an understanding of the patient’s history, the Physiotherapist will run a series of movements or clinical tests to identify anything that may be contributing to the reason they are seeking our help.

    Following a thorough assessment, our Physiotherapists are experts in educating people on the how and the why. This, alongside the most recent literature will give a very clear picture of what treatment and management is indicated to best rehabilitate you towards achieving your goals.

Ask a Physio

Ask a Physio

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